The Process

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The Gear

Mark currently uses Jeskola Buzz for music creation purposes. He uses a large number of native plugins (especially the 303 emulations, and the various distortion effects such as the Mars filter). Buzz contains some of the best 303 emulations, and due to the tracker interface they are easier to program than any commercial reproduction. You can download Jeskola Buzz for free from and you can find Buzz machines at

Jacob currently uses Cubase.


Live Performance

We use a few keyboards in our live shows.

Roland GAIA – this is a great keyboard for the price point. It has a full effects bank and 3 oscillators. It is mono/poly and has 64 note polyphony.

Kurzweil PC3 – The VAST engine is capable of almost any synthesizer sound imaginable, as well as good piano reproductions or other acoustic instruments.

Alesis Micron – Best synthesizer keyboard for under $200 used. 3 Oscillators and it has a vocoder too.


Recommended Commercial Plugins

Izotope Ozone – we use this plugin for the final limiting and mastering.

ReFX Vanguard – Jacob uses this plugin in his Cubase setup.

Recommended Free Plugins

MiniMogueVA-TD, MiniMogueLUXUS-TD – these plugins are superb free recreations of the famous MiniMoog. The LUXUS version has stereo filters. This makes a lot of our general purpose synth sounds and basses.

Arppe 2600 – great recreation of the famous ARP 2600 aka the Blue Meanie. The ARP 2600 was a popular synth among enthusiasts and is extremely hard to find and expensive today.

SQ8L – a recreation of the ESQ-1. This is a must have for synthpop enthusiasts.

Hexter – you might have to dig a little for this one, since it was pulled from the net due to GPL violations. However, it’s a free recreation of the DX7.

Oxe FM – while on the topic of DX7, the Oxe FM synth is probably the best free FM synth.

Atlantis – this VST plugin is one of the best. It has a visual representation of the 3 oscillator pairs, and a wide range of distortion effects and filters. It can load single cycle waveforms so you have basically unlimited oscillator types.

Kairatune – overall great sounding plugin. This will be featured in more of our upcoming work.

GalactiX – we use this for a lot of our trance pluck sounds, like on Silent Dragon.

Synth1 – a recreation of the Nord Lead 2.

ymVST – an Atari chip emulation. We use this for a lot of our chiptune sounds.

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